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We offer the installation and maintenance service of all types of computer networks through structured cabling. We have a wide range of equipment and qualified personnel for projects of any size. Also, we provide warranty and permanent technical support in all our work.


  • Quick installation, immediate and without hindering your work: Forget cables, gutters and expensive labor.
  • High capacity, good performance and high performance: From 54 Mbps to 300 Mbps using Wi-Fi technology..
  • If you already have a wired network, you do not need to migrate all your computers. You can deploy a wireless network progressively and both systems will be fully interoperable.
  • Connect your Laptops to the Internet right away and enjoy true mobility: Most laptops, including PDAs and Cellphones, support an integrated wireless network.
  • Move your computers and reorder your office as many times as you want: Adding new PCs to the network will not be an additional wiring.


  • VPN solutions allow you to have a virtual private network (VPN) for the transmission of data between the headquarters of your company and its different delegations.
  • Share the resources of all your offices as if they were in the same physical location thus providing a real INTRANET between your central office and the other delegations.

Features according to
client's requirements

  • 100MB or 1Gb Ethernet networks.
  • UTP / STP Category 5e, 6.
  • Simple, manageable switches CAPA 2 and CAPA 3 via SNMP / Web.
  • Installation and assembly in Racks, Cabinets, etc.
  • Fourth of communications and servers (SITE).