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Our assistance control system is developed on a platform called client – server for Microsoft Windows operating systems. The module can be installed on one computer or more without limit, while the administrative system can be in another and have the information online.


  • The number of employees is unlimited: The database of the system will be installed on a server of its property and is supported with SQL Server, for that reason the limit of users depends on the capacity of your server.
  • High level of security: Our system has a high level of security with encrypted passwords and also, personalization of privileges at the level of modules and events.
  • Easy and intuitive handling.
  • The date and time of the watch is not manipulated by any user.
  • Automatic calculations of attendance control and working time.
  • Get to know instantly employees who are late.
  • Prevent an employee from recording your entry when you are disabled, on vacation, or sanctioned.
  • Send messages to your employees to read them when you check in or check out.

& Advantages

  • Easily define schedules according to how your business works.
  • Control of delays, overtime and rest worked.
  • Notices in image format for branches or corporations.
  • Geographic catalog (country, state and city).
  • Supports employee photograph.
  • Holiday catalog.
  • Watch in two versions: fingerprint and barcode.
  • Catalog of branches, areas, departments and posts.
  • Human Resources messages to employees on the watch screen.
  • Complete catalog of employees.
  • Up to 10 tracks per employee.
  • Enable / Disable employees.

attendance control

  • Capture of permits, incapacities and sanctions.
  • Restricted attendance control.
  • Congratulations to an automatic birthday girl.
  • Supports password change per user.
  • System User Manager.
  • Setting the minutes to be considered a delay.
  • Change of schedules by group.
  • Client / Server administrative system.
  • System for registration of assistance web version.
  • Variety of reports: Delays, absences, checks, employees, overtime, punctuality bonuses and assistance.