Universal Protection Of Capital

UPC & Technologies is a division of UPC, SC, a distinguished firm for providing solutions in the areas of Fiscal, Financial and Litigation Planning.


Electronic Bill

The Software is a development of UPC & Technologies with the objective of satisfying the needs of companies, businesses and / or individuals who wish to implement administrative and financial control, in addition to being able to issue vouchers, either by own means or by PAC. We are Business reseller in Edicom communications solutions, the first PAC certified in Mexico by the SAT and leader in the field with international experience.

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Internet and SEO

Currently the importance of being present on the web as an organization is indisputable. Interaction with the customer as well as the promotion of products and services. At UPC Technologies We create strategies to grow your product / service, we achieve your positioning, we adapt quickly to the constant changes and updates of the digital environment, offering effective solutions

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Information Technologies

Information technology refers to the use of telecommunications equipment and computers for the transmission, processing and storage of data. The notion covers issues of information technology, electronics and telecommunications.

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Information Systems

Information systems are a set of elements that interact with each other in order to support the activities of a company or business. These components can be people, data, activities or material resources in general, which process the information and distribute it in an appropriate way. Discover the services that UPC Technologies has for your organization.

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Coordination, Empowerment and Leadership

Constantly growing

Currently the world is in constant change. That is why at UPC we adapt and add value through Quality Certifications that drive the professional development of companies.


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    Matriz Mazatlán

    Matriz Mazatlán
    Sierra Rumorosa No. 321, Lomas de Mazatlán, Mazatlán, Sinaloa, México 82110

    Sucursal Mazatlán

    Sucursal Mazatlán
    Sierra Rumorosa #312 Local 2 Lomas de Mazatlán, Mazatlán, Sinaloa, Mexico 82110